For a housewife, the most painful is the daily must sweep the ground.

Alice    Devorobot   2017.05.23

For a housewife, the most painful is the daily must sweep the ground.

The house is very proud of the wood, but swept away on the extremely painful, two hundred pings of the big house, do not say clean, casually take a few laps on the very tired you.

Her husband brought friends to come to the party, to be a warm housewife, a variety of food out to the guests to taste. But the guests go after the peanut shells, cigarette butts, to collapse?

Children like all kinds of tear paper and breaking foam there are wood, a tear paper, paper dust flying, the bubble is thin and broken, you can not beat him, he is hands-on ability to stimulate the brain development okay. But swept away to the hearts of thousands of grass mud horse riding ... ...

To see people that foreign women, how the cause and love both take into account, look confident and elegant calm The original people have a clean artifact at home - Chi Bao sweeping machine okay?

Clever use of sweeping new ways, clean science and technology more comfortable

The best cleaners to sweep to the ground and then kill the bacteria to get several times better, but people Chi-sweeping machine sweep the floor to get a sterilization! Baby is not afraid of any dust bacteria can climb up everywhere. What piece of paper, foam, peanut shell, in a strong suction, are the clouds ok.

There are home at the end of the bed, under the sofa you have a variety of camel back to the broom also enough, people sweep a machine into a drill, and drill out, what dust and garbage are to get. Hire a cleaner, you want to give people wages, money, such as water flow tears rushing me.

Sweeping machine he does not occupy the place, do not eat, do not say that the owner of the West short, no electricity, and you plug a plug, and for a while and full of energy to work for you friends.

So you want to save more than half of the housework, a strong sweeping machine is essential.

Before the old technology to change the life of science and technology invented the computer to her husband to work more convenient, and now technology has also invented the Chi-sweeping machine, the liberation of our women, so that every woman has to do an elegant and calm woman's chance The

You have any clean and tidy housework of the merits of it, please proudly come out, let sisters are serious to learn about, let us easily meet a woman home liberation, elegant and beautiful times to come.

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